How to Motivate People to Work and Bring More Success

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 If you are in charge of a team of people working for a common cause then you must know how to motivate people to work.  We are living in the times of an economic crisis and all of us have to work beyond our capabilities to bring in more good results to achieve the level of success we need for our Businesses.  People are the real asset of a Company and without a well- knit team of people working in unison it is very difficult to reach the business goals that the company has to reach to make it more successful in its line of activity. For this motivating those working with you and working for you is very important.

 You will find that you have many ways to motivate your workforce in the course of your search to find how to motivate people to work? When you want to achieve good and sustained good results you must be one of the best motivating factors for your entire team and there are many ways to bring in more motivation into the mind and spirit of your workers and get more work done in lesser time. But in reality this vital factor is not given due importance leading to lesser productivity and unsatisfied workforce that underperforms bringing down the entire morale of the company.

Want to know how to motivate people to work? Here are some of the tips you can follow:

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  • Make all the employees understand the nature, importance and expectation of the job they are doing;
  •  Do all things possible  by doing the right things at the right time to do away the “ this is just a job attitude” among your workforce;
  •  Let them understand the goals they  have to achieve and  the time available in clear  terms till it is absorbed into their minds;
  • Taken them into the decision making giving the inputs and work on them to give you the right type of decisions setting the goals. This  makes them feel important, work to honor the commitment they have given you, the dedication they have to show to bring their ideas  into action;
  • Make it clear that money is not all the matter in the Company and there more things above that and show them what rewards are awaiting them for exemplary performance; 
  • Reward the best performers in the presence of their peers so that they get motivated making this the best motivating factor for performing well;
  • The persons giving exemplary performance must be given more importance in the management of the affairs related to their work, and  this is necessary to make them stand apart from the  average performers; 
  • Be one with them and move freely with them and show genuine interest in their work as well as personal life. Make all possible efforts to remove any pressing problems in their lives so that they feel grateful to you and become ready to take on more responsibilities.

These are some of the tips that you will have to master while learning how to motivate people to work and once you follow these you are sure to have a team that is well motivated and gives exemplary performance always.

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6 Responses to “How to Motivate People to Work and Bring More Success”

  1. Comment made by Francis J. Duque on May 18th 2013 at 3:25 pm: Reply

    So let’s try answer this question using an up-dated paradigm question: How to Work People to Motivate?



  2. Comment made by susan freimark on May 20th 2013 at 12:44 pm: Reply

    i work as a certified surgical technologist in surgery. we are a group nationwide that goes unnoticed as to what our job really is. the problem here is that we work in a RN inviroment where the nurses “rule” type of mentality. we attend school and graduate with an associates degress just like some nurses. when they are hired into surgery it is a on-the-job training. And usually mgnt wants us to train them. they just received a HUGE pay increase for doing an already overpaid job. to keep moral up amongst us CST’s, its difficult. especially since we dont get any backing from higher up because we go unnoticed. what can we do to bring this to the table without having fear for our jobs?

  3. Comment made by Mike Nosbisch, CRNA, MS, Consulting Hypnotist on May 20th 2013 at 1:23 pm: Reply

    My belief is that all behavior is emotionally driven with the purpose of making us feel good. Although we all feel different levels of ‘good’ from different sources, our basic desire to be wanted by others and appreciated for what we bring to the work environment would be the focus of my attention when I try to motivate others to bring more to the workplace. I would stress the value of my colleagues’ contribution to the attainment of our common goals. Being recognized for the value of their investment in the workplace can help to internalize their emotional connection to the success of work goals.

  4. Comment made by Kristine Ranger on May 21st 2013 at 10:02 pm: Reply

    Actualy Mike, all behavior is needs driven and only some people need to be appreciated. Others need to be in control or see results. Our needs, how we think and feel about things, and our values and beliefs all impact our behavior. The foundation research that supports this is from William Marston and formed the basis for DiSC Dimensions of Behavior. When you understand this important concept, you also realize that you can’t motivate people. Management can only create an environment where people are intrinsically motivated to do their best, be engaged (29% of people are actively disengaged at work!)and find real joy and satisfaction from their job. A culture with authoritarian leaders creates even more problems- squashing creativity, destroying morale and minimizing trust.

    • Comment made by Mirela Voiculescu on Aug 14th 2013 at 3:36 pm: Reply

      Yes Kristine, I love your comment and your views, especially the last two phrases! The power that everyone is looking for, is not measured in how much money you have in the bank, the power comes from within. We would be more engaged if we would have the right environment to do so. We would have more joy and satisfaction if we would be a team with the same views, the same goals and values the same needs to learn more and to know more and to appreciate each other and help each other. Unfortunately this place is hard to find these days and even harder to create. And about the authoritarian leaders, YES, I am coming from a former communist block and I so much know what is means! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, that means I am not alone!

  5. Comment made by Thambipillay Kandasamy on Aug 20th 2013 at 11:28 am: Reply

    It was interesting reading the comments on how to motivate people. Some of the comments appear to problems etc

    I would discuss this subject under 2 categories.

    Category 1 – You are a part of a team and the team has been given a task and the authorities expect the task to be completed within a specified time. How does my attitude towards this task will motivate others in team to complete the task. This can mainly be my personal attitude,how I look at the task. If I take the task as an important one and want a good result I will put every to achieve the results. This personal attitude can inspire others not so inclined to work hard. This creates a sort of motivation in the team

    Category 2. If I am a head of a unit in an organisation. The CEO or the MD has a project and my unit is given the task to work on it. The first thing that will come to my mind is the feeling my team will be capable of working on the project. I would not take the attitude right at the start it is difficult and try to explain the authorities why it cannot be done. If I as the head of he unit take that line it will be difficult later for me and my team to work You find very often this happening.

    Having taken this task I take my team into confidence and discuss in detail what is expected of us and discuss how we should plan our work. I get my team to get involved. They too will appreciate this and extent their fullest cooperation. I will also join them in the task. I will not stay and watch them carrying out the task.

    To motivate as member of a team or as leader of a group lies with you and not with anyone else. Your the person to set the example.

    Here my statements to many of my friends about management is – “You can have the qualification MBA and be a not good manager, other hand without an MBA you can be an excellent manager.

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